Earthling Sale!

Materials Overview

Each leather flogger is one of a kind custom leatherwork made from reclaimed leather scraps, salvaged from sofas, leather jackets, purses and scavenged alien epidermis. Hand embroidered, braided, beaded and burned with prehistoric leathersmithing tools, this concept emerged naturally as an offering to the art of creation. No machines are used giving every piece an organic multi-functional perspective, quality construction and radical self expression.

When the lighter runs out of fluid simply push the old lighter up from the bottom and put a new one in!


Bic Lighter.                                 
Reclaimed leather scraps.        
Waxed braided cord.            
Native American crow beads.   
Vintage ceramic tile beads.      
Semiprecious gemstone beads.
Imperial lace.                          
Swivel hook.